Entering our 21st year of ministry.

Adapting to new realities on campus.

The Wesley Fellowship at GVSU offers a place where students can learn, grow, and follow Jesus Christ in a non-judgmental, inclusive, and open environment. We help students learn how their faith connects with the rest of their lives including their career choices and their social justice concerns. Nothing we do is outside the call of God on our lives. Our goal is to help students develop a faith that will inform the rest of their lives.

We are the only progressive, denominationally associated campus ministry at GVSU. We offer thoughtful Bible study, intentional spiritual formation, and the opportunity for students to put their faith into action through social justice engagement.

We are embarking on a new collaborative partnership with True North Campus Ministry, a Presbyterian Church (USA) campus ministry, which expands our ministry to students in Grand Rapids. Students live and study in both Allendale and Grand Rapids. Grand Valley students take classes at Grand Rapids Community College. GRCC students transfer to GVSU. The traditional boundaries between schools and cities are diminishing.

These are challenging times for everyone, including college students. In the era of Covid-19 we are adapting and adjusting the way we do campus ministry, but the need for campus ministry has never been greater. Help us continue to be present for students- in person and virtually.

Any level of giving, one time donations and monthly donations, are greatly appreciated. Individuals, church groups and congregations are invited to donate. One of our board members will match the first month of monthly giving up to $1000, so your donation helps us maximize this offer.

Donor Levels and Rewards

Sustainer: Donate between $10-24.99 per month and receive our downloadable Prayer Calendar. Your prayers for the GVSU community and the Wesley Fellowship will make a difference!

Supporter: Donate between $25-$99.99 and in addition to the Prayer Calendar, we will send you a Wesley Fellowship at GVSU wrist band.

Partner: Donate $100.00 or more and our Wesley Director will visit your group (youth group, Bible study, UMW, book group, other group) with a program created particularly for your group. (Plus members of your group will receive the Prayer Calendar and a wristband.)

To become a Covenant Partner ($1000.00+) please contact us directly at wesleygv@mail.gvsu.edu

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